Dynamic Content Plugin Js Field Hotel Reservation Flow

Learn how you can use dynamic content plugin for elementor and elementor pro form to build a hotel room reservation booking flow using Js field in Dynamic Content Plugin for Elementor (DCE).
This snippet requires the following Themes/Plugins/Services/Tools:

Additional Code explained in the tutorial

return () => { return getField("days",true)*100+getField("type",true); }
Copy the snippet from below:

return () => { return calcDaysBetweenDates(); }

function calcDaysBetweenDates(){
var date1 = new Date(getField(“indate”));
var date2 = new Date(getField(“outdate”));

// To calculate the time difference of two dates
var Difference_In_Time = date2.getTime() – date1.getTime();

// To calculate the no. of days between two dates
var Difference_In_Days = Difference_In_Time / (1000 * 3600 * 24);

return Difference_In_Days;


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