The Story Of

Karthik Rajanala

Hi I Am Karthik Rajanala. I am aWeb Developer With Skills in HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP and More. Being frustrated with my software job for some quite some time I started to hate the fixed working hours, although I loved what I did, didn’t like the way I did it. So I decided to quit my job, put my skills to their test and believe in myself.

One Fine Day I found WordPress, the easiest way to start your own website, own business, or even your own empire. Inspired by the immense power and freedom of WordPress, I built my first WordPress website and luckily it got approved for Adsense within the first few days I started. Since then WordPress has become the source of My freedom.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

I also decided to share my skills and expertise with everyone and accidentally became a WordPress Content Creator since then.I uploaded few videos and people started loving them and that inspired me even more to follow my passion. That’s how design school was started.

I love this because it empowers people and I make a living out of it along with the other projects I handle being a digital creator, web developer and a solopreneur . I finally found my freedom doing what I love ❤️  and I can proudly say WordPress is my new home and this entire world is my cubicle.

So join me on WPAlgoridm and lets go together on this WordPress journey and lets grow together too. Subscribe To Design School By WPAlgoridm and lets get started.


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